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Magazine editors are grateful for receiving this type of mail.

However there is one person who must be mentioned here.

The most prolific correspondent, without a doubt, is Christchurch’s John Eva and this is an interesting story in itself.NZ Hot Rod

John has a full-time job yet still finds time to contribute to nearly every issue.

His association with HRM goes back thirty years and this is how it came about: For a couple of years prior, John would bike 15 miles from home to the Ruapuna strip and take photos with his Box Brownie camera.

The shots were mounted in an album and at the following meet he’d bike out and get the drivers to autograph the photos. He began to do the same with hot rods and one day Rob Kennard took him on a cruise around a few garages in his big block T-bucket...

He was introduced to Rich Neale, who gave him his first assignment for HRM. That appeared in the March 1974 issue; John particularly likes doing profiles on people, and special interest topics such as his history of top chops in NZ.

His story on Ron Collett in January 1991 issue is one of his favourites.

Throughout the magazine’s history there have been a number of people who had their own column, always listed under ‘departments’ on the contents page.

Listed to the right are those people in order of appearance,starting from issue number seven to the present day.

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