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It is not, and never has been a boutique style mag aimed at a particular niche.

Each month you don’t know whether the feature cars will be high-tech, nostalgic or race cars.

Many of the features and technical articles which have appeared in HRM have been used by other publishers around the world.

These have included other rod mags, corporate magazines and in a couple of cases, technical bulletins for training company reps.

The tech features have included everything from the manufacture of coil springs to air filter technology, and you never had to be a rocket scientist to understand them.

So there we have it, an insight into a magazine,which to me is far more than just cars.

Sure there were probably 3,000 cars that had full features done on them but more importantly, since 1967, the magazine has recorded a culture and a social history which so many people have experienced a part of.

Historians will one day analyse the letter sent by the ANZAC soldier from Pukekohe serving in Vietnam.NZ Hot Rod

They may never figure out just how the Queen of England and Duke of Edinburgh came about inspecting a hot rod display in Napier (July ‘73 mag) and in the sixties’ issues you’ll see photos of prizegivings where the recipients are all dressed in suits and ties.

To Rob, Owen, and all who’ve contributed to the magazine, thanks for the mem-ories.

To Paul and Liz Grace, you’re now the caretakers of this Kiwi icon and I for one will continue to support you in producing a magazine that I really look forward to receiving every month.



NZ Hot Rod Magazine 

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New Zealand Hot Rod Magazine